Have you always wanted to test Nextcloud but didn’t feel like installing it because it was too complicated? Or do you just want to take a look to see what’s new in version 24 (Hub II)? Or do you want to show it to a friend?

In this article I will explain how you can get your hands on and test a fully functioning instance of Nextcloud Hub, thus being able to try out all the features offered by this powerful tool.

I wrote a couple of articles on this site in the past about how to try demo versions of Nextcloud without having to install it.

Previous articles, however, referred to the site of a certain Jason Bayton, who unfortunately no longer maintained these demo instances, and they are stopped at version 14.

In any case, there is no need to despair, because the eponymous software house has made a demo version of the latest version of Nextcloud available online.


Very simple, go to this link and click on the button Take me there!

Clicking on that button will bring up a page with a registration form, and after completing the fields you will get an email from Nextcloud with a link to start the demo instance.

From now on what you will see on your screen will be a demo version of Nextcloud Hub, fully functional with many apps running, including Collabora Online.

Collabora Online is the open source office suite used by default by Nextcloud.

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WARNING: Please be advised that after 60 minutes the trial user will be deleted, so do not upload anything personal because otherwise it will all be deleted to make room for other users.