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Hugo - Static Site Generator

What is a static site generator A static website generator is software that generates a static HTML website using raw data and code as “input” templates. In essence, a static site generator automates the task of generating individual HTML pages and makes them ready to be served to users in advance. Dynamic and static web sites A static website then is a website consisting of one or more HTML web pages that are always loaded in the same way, in a rather basic way in that no Javascript code is used or database operations are performed....

August 13, 2022 · Marco
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Nextcloud Hub Demo – How to try it

Have you always wanted to test Nextcloud but didn’t feel like installing it because it was too complicated? Or do you just want to take a look to see what’s new in version 24 (Hub II)? Or do you want to show it to a friend? In this article I will explain how you can get your hands on and test a fully functioning instance of Nextcloud Hub, thus being able to try out all the features offered by this powerful tool....

July 28, 2022 · Marco
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CentOS 8 - How to bind logstash on port 514

The situation: you need to send logs from an old piece of equipment to logstash running on a CentOS 8, for storing your logs on ElasticSearch. The problem The device is old and doesn’t support changing the default syslog port from 514/udp to something different, like port 5140/udp. Unfortunately this can happen, for example on virtual appliances like ZeroShell, where there’s no way to change the syslog port from the default one, but there’s a quick solution to this!...

November 28, 2021 · Marco